Everything You Want To Know About The May Coop Raw Sauce

Made from 93% maple tree sap, the May Coop Raw Sauce is a very interesting Korean skincare product that I didn’t know I wanted until I tested it out the Tonic15 K-Beauty Pop-Up Shop in Westfield London a little while back. Recently I’ve been doing some research looking into the newest Korean Skincare trend; Skip-care. It would seem that the 10-step and ‘7 step’ skincare routine is starting to lose its momento in the Korean market with Koreans now looking to restrict how much skincare they purchase. If you consider that there are over 20,000 Korean Skincare brands all fighting for recognition and every brand is the new ‘it’ brand, sooner than later you will find yourself turning into a skincare hoarder.

Skip-care is a simpler approach to the ’10-step’ skincare routine as you identify the essential ingredients that your skin reacts positively to and the opt for skincare products that contain these products, essentially using less products without sacrificing your results. The Skip-care Skincare Methods essentially means that opting for products that do one or more things that your skin needs in one step – maximizing your time AND your funds.

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